Tournament Results

Jimmy's Old Town Tavern
Results from: January 3rd 2005
Tournament Type: Rated A/B Draw Your Partner
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PlaceTeam MembersPoints
1stTim Swisher and Fabian Jozsa35
2ndDavin Mehring and Ronnie Cheek25
3rdShaun Myers and Nancy Peck15
4thChun Lee and Frank Bowers5
5th/6thLenny Wallace and Buddy Scherz0
5th/6thGreg Hess and Bran Lestarevic0
7th/8thJay Borji and Jimmy Cirrito-5
7th/8thKyle Powell and Kristin Grogan-5
9th/12thJason Trout and Stephen Vides-10
9th/12thTony Brannum and Jim Allegretto-10
9th/12thMonty Melchior and Ryan Herring-10
9th/12thGreg Norman and Christy Wilmore-10
13th/16thAdil Hizoune and Christian Bauer-15

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