Tournament Results

Jimmy's Old Town Tavern
Results from: March 20th 2006
Tournament Type: Rated A/B Draw Your Partner
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PlaceTeam MembersPoints
1stNail Tuzinovic and Shaun Chacon35
2ndPat Jello and Stephen Vides25
3rdChris Wesley and Robbie Dinion15
4thGreg Hess and Cristina Izurieta5
5th/6thFabian Jozsa and Julie Wagner0
5th/6thKyle Powell and Joe Achir0
7th/8thElvis Anderson and Peter Papoulakos-10
7th/8thTim Swisher and Zakiya Thompson-10
9th/12thJay Borji and Carly Nusbaum-15
9th/12thEric Nusbaum and Frank Bowers-15
9th/12thKenny Wagner and Kim Mechler-15

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